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StratCraft Partners with AcornOak on Leadership ACCESS Program for Women Executives

Jacksonville, FL, April 29th, 2024 - StratCraft partners with AcornOak, the pioneering fractional executive marketplace dedicated to empowering women in leadership, to provide executive coaching and leadership acceleration services through the Leadership ACCESS, an accelerator program tailored for aspiring women executives.

Despite comprising 58.4% of the U.S. workforce as of September 2022, women hold merely 35% of senior leadership positions.

In response to this disparity, Leadership ACCESS equips women leaders with the indispensable tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to propel their careers and invigorate their organizations.

"I'm delighted to be a part of a coaching program with such a purposeful mission and am grateful to be a part of a community of women supporting other women in leadership," expressed Dasha Tyshlek, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at StratCraft.

"At AcornOak, our paramount mission is to catalyze greater female representation in leadership roles worldwide," remarked Virginie Glaenzer, Founder and CEO of AcornOak. "Through the Leadership ACCESS program, we aim to empower women on their career trajectory, leveraging our expertise, resources, and, most notably, the vibrant community of fellow women leaders they'll engage with throughout our program."

Membership in Leadership ACCESS affords participants Monthly BrainTrust Mentoring sessions with three Fractional Women Executives, access to a comprehensive Strategic Leadership Toolkit, and participation in a Monthly CXO Masterclass Series. The cost of Leadership ACCESS membership is $900/month, with early adopters enjoying a limited-time promotional offer of 20% off through March 2024.

About AcornOak

AcornOak is an exclusive community for fractional executive women, committed to reshaping the landscape of female leadership. AcornOak brings together an elite collective of Fractional Women Executives, each a leader in their field, united in our mission to catalyze your business’s next growth phase.

For more information about Leadership ACCESS and to join the movement in empowering women leaders, visit AcornOak's website.


Virginie Glaenzer, Founder, virginie at


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