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StratCraft's, Dasha Tyshlek Featured Speaker on Planning as a Strategy Webinar

JACKSONVILLE, FL (September 28th, 2023): - StratCraft is proud to announce its participation as a featured speaker at the AcornOak Perspectives in Planning: Tips from Seasoned Executives Webinar, a prestigious women's executive and executive consultants forum.

Perspectives in Planning: Tips from Seasoned Executives Webinar is a focused, comprehensive overview of the Strategic Planning process taught by four female executives with expertise in strategy development, data and analytics, sales and marketing, collectively bringing together over 60+ years of experience in strategy formulation and implementation.

During the session, Dasha Tyshlek, Chief Strategy Officer at StratCraft, will deliver a thought-provoking presentation on best practices in strategic planning, including unique tips on developing priorities and managing change within the organization. This engaging session will cover goal setting, using data in strategic planning, frameworks for cascading goals and making plans, and balancing planfulness with creativity.

Other notable speakers will be Dr. Kruti Lehenbauer, founder and Chief Data Officer for Analytics TX, Michelle Page, founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SalesChasers, and Virginie Glaenzer, Chief Marketing Officer and Founder of AcornOak. "This was an important meeting of the minds with a practical and focused mission to educate B2B business owners on the value and process of planning their company's growth trajectory" writes Dasha Tyshlek, "I am honored to be a part of this event."

Dozens of attendees wrote in questions ahead of the event - which were answered during the course of the webinar. Additionally, several topics were further explored in published articles by the presenting team.

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