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StratCraft prepares innovative companies to grow rapidly by equipping their leadership team with the practical tools and the essential discipline for executing winning technology & product strategies. We are doers who jump in to do the most difficult projects within your strategic plan and deliver measurable results. We want your company to grow, be resilient in difficult times, and continue delivering value to customers and shareholders for many years to come.

  Growth Strategy | Commercialization Strategy | Go-To-Market Planning
Space | Defense | Biotech | MedTech | Pharmaceuticals | Advanced Manufacturing


StratCraft Partners are strategic leaders with hands-on engineering and operational experience. Our advising is fueled by our passion for getting new technologies into the hands of users and customers faster and by our structured, comprehensive approach to commercialization planning. Our team is lead and advised by top experts in defense, aerospace, life sciences, biotechnology, and manufacturing technologies with over 50 years collective expertise in technology development and commercialization.

Market Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Benchmarking

  • Brand research

  • Pricing Strategy

Customer Insights

  • Customer Analytics

  • Customer Journeys

  • Buyer Personas

  • Voice of the Customer

Strategic Growth

  • Innovation Strategy

  • Strategic Assessment

  • Strategy Management

  • Strategic Planning Process

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Product Market Research

  • Entry strategy

  • Product Launch

  • Strategic partnerships

Dasha Tyshlek

Dasha Tyshlek Chief Strategy Planning Officer _ StratCraft Partners in Strategic Growth

Growing up Dasha Tyshlek knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur: leading people to change the world through innovative products and services. Her love for technology and problem-solving lead her to study Engineering Science, focusing on Biomedical Engineering and Product Development, at the University of Virginia.


Today, Dasha is the Founder, President and Chief Strategic Officer of StratCraft and a strategic partner for growing technology companies.

Dasha Tyshlek has developed the strategy for new advanced manufacturing spinouts such as Kore Composites and Micro-Ant GPS. She has lead company-wide strategy development and unique growth initiatives companies across multiple high-tech industries including space, satellite communications, biomedical devices, pharmaceutical, translational research, automotive, financial, and defense. Her projects range from developing a go-to-market strategy for new Asian markets for Bugatti Automotive, to developing and program managing the company wide strategy at a top hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. 


Dasha is a recognized leader in the space and satellite communications industry and a Director of the Satcoms Innovation Group. She is also, most recently, the host and producer of Biomedical Frontiers: Stories with Innovators in Healthcare, a life-sciences and biotechnology commercialization podcast hosted by the Wallace H. Coulter Translational Research Foundation at University of Virginia.

Due to her deep technical understanding and ability to forge complex multi-company partnerships and agreements, she is a sought-after advisor to innovative companies in complex industries.


StratCraft strives to provide the best strategy and commercialization advising and programing to our clients. Often, our clients need additional expertise and talent to execute strategies. We partner with multiple award winning agencies and boutique consulting firms in order to provide a full suite of solutions through vetted and reliable consultants, that will fulfill our client's most urgent talent and expertise needs.


University of Virginia Coulter Center for Translational Research StratCraft Client for Bio
Epiderma Pharmaceutical Customer _ StratCraft Partners in Strategic Growth (2).jpg
Felice Agency _ StratCraft Partners Work Experience


StratCraft consultants strive to bring into the world innovations and technologies that have meaningful in lasting change by helping our clients navigate change, explore opportunities, and grow their impact and their teams.
Our pro bono work brings StratCraft’s talent, expertise, and insights to innovators and entrepreneurs developing solutions to complex and intractable problems in healthcare, education, national and civilian safety, and economic development. Volunteer activities performed by our team drive impact in our local community in Jacksonville, FL where we work to foster a thriving and inclusive economy, and globally, where we see opportunities to create impact aligned with our company's vision and values.

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