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StratCraft uses proven strategy and planning best practices paired with agile implementation methods to help your business develop a strategy that is sensible and rallies the team. We work with the founder to ensure the plan can achieve Revenue and Value objectives and improves the operations and sustainability of the company.

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Company Workflow _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Company Workflow

Every company has an overarching process that informs the operations. It is driven by the business model, and it flows down to the processes within and between each department. We will work together to define, refine, and document your company’s operating system “The Company Workflow”. As we define the company process, the leaders on your team will also get a crash-course on process development that they will use to cascade the company process to their departments. It is the key to scaling without losing quality.

Strategy Workouts | StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Strategy Workouts

Strategy planning begins with great strategy execution. You read that right: creating a great strategy begins by ensuring that the leadership team learns how to stay focused on strategic objectives, busts through issues that arise in the process, and supports each other to do more together than they do alone. Before we create a comprehensive plan for the company, we train the muscles that will be needed to execute that plan well. We set and tackle “low hanging fruit” objectives to generate wins, practice focus, and practice teaming up on ambiguous goals.

Reporting Practice _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Reporting Practice

Operational reporting is the practice of tracking, measuring, and sharing both impact and forecast with the team. Before a team develops this practice, metrics and reports tend to be isolated and driven by external events: financial audit, quality audit, investor request. Once we establish the clarity of a company workflow and the consistency of a strategy workout – we’re ready to create and evolve a practice of sharing critical data that helps the entire company to operate more efficiently and more predictably.

Vision _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System


Creating a vision that the whole team gets behind is more than writing an inspirational statement. It’s also about knowing where you are now, what the headwinds and the opportunities for growth might be, and balancing ambition with realism. We will work through a process to get everyone on board with the direction and the reality of where you are now.

Objectives Cascade_ StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Objective Cascade

A top-down strategy begins with objectives: what do we want to achieve and when, but most importantly why? We draw relationships between the objectives and understand what approaches could achieve them. The approaches are developed into specific plans and interim goals.

Agile Planning for Executives _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Agile Planning

A plan is your team's vision unfolded through time. The roles and responsibilities are defined and expectations set. Metrics that measure progress against the plan and the plan’s effect on the objective are set – to enable to team not only to steer by the plan but also to determine if the plan is adequate to achieve the goals.


Strategy Setting



Companies that invest in employee growth and development outperform the S&P 500 by 15%-35%. (Source: Bassi, 2014, Harvard Business Review.

Communicate your Strategy _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System


At its core, strategy execution is about transformation from who you are as a company today into the vision of tomorrow. Communicating your vision, your successes, and even your challenges will build your company's momentum and build your brand. StratCraft can help you craft and maintain honest and positively energized communications across all audiences that ensures that where you lead, the team follows.

Program Management _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Program Management

Excellent program management reduces uncertainty, uncovers risks before they become problems, and guides the team through daily priorities. Agile strategic planning method paired ongoing program management practices are designed to help rapidly growing companies stay organized yet flexible. This is where the rubber hits the road!

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching _ StratCraft Strategy Operating System

Leadership Development

Growing a team is more than adding people to the bench. It’s also about growing the capacity and capabilities of the people already on your bench. This is why succession and talent planning are always a part of the strategy. Beyond that, every high-potential candidate should have their own growth and coaching plan that focuses on the skills, abilities and mindsets they will need to reach the next level.

StratCraft Services

We have unique options available for CEOs and Founders at different stages of company growth. Whether you're ready for a full Strategy Operating System implementation, a Planning Professional to help you with your annual or quarterly planning, or need specific issues addressed asap - we are available to help.

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