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Agile Planning
for Small Business Executives

6-week live course

Is the Agile Planning Course for You?

A Great Department Plan:

  • Clarifies the highest priorities
  • Boosts team and individual accountability
  • Promotes focus and reduces distractions
  • Improves communication and collaboration

In a small business, executives wear many hats and carry multiple departmental responsibilities. Planning in a small business falls on the shoulders of the executive team, the COOs, CTOs, CMOs, CSOs and the CFO. Our experienced Chief Strategy Officer teaches how to make quarterly department plans that are painless, easy to communicate and follow, and drive real results.


How to plan efficiently

How to prioritize

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Spiral Staircase

Build Plans that Achieve Goals

Build a Repeatable Planning Framework

By the end of the course you will have a department  plan for the remainder of the year AND a custom framework for your department that you can re-use every quarter.


Communicate Your Plan Masterfully

Master how to articulate your plan at the right level to your leadership team to get buy in towards the goal and the plan. Use the plan to motivate your team and measure progress.


Drive Results, Reduce Risk

Utilize the department plan as a launchpad for brainstorming and collaboration to improve productivity and accountability among your team.


Take The Course

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Class Starts

September 14th

Thursdays, 3:00-3:45pm


What's in the Course

Work with Chief Strategy & Planning Officer, Dasha Tyshlek, to master departmental planning for small businesses. This course is tailored for CXOs with at least 5 direct reports and at least one department head responsibility.

Six Weeks of Live Sessions

and Practical Assignments

Small-Group Live Classes held Thursdays at 3:00-3:45pm, EST.

Practical Assignments walk you step-by-step through your department planning.

Peer group of small business executives in your learning journey.

Two Executive Coaching Sessions Included

Individualized problem solving with our Chief Strategy & Planning Officer.

One-on-one sessions to deep dive on your plan, address specific concerns, and practice presenting your plan to stakeholders.

Instructor available by email with 24hr response time during the session.

Three Resources for Continuous Learning

Custom templates developed through the course.


Lifetime access to our library of planning templates to help you tackle different challenges.

Discounts on future courses and coaching.

Meet your coach

Dasha Tyshlek is the founder and CEO of StratCraft and an expert at strategy formulation, strategic planning, and leading transformation. Her passion is in working with passionate founders and their top-talent on developing a path for growth.

She learned that strategy and planning where her passion and her forte when she was called to help the new CEOs Bridgewater Associates develop the company's first every multi-year strategy and plan. Since then, she has lead strategy at defense and space companies, med-tech companies, and taught workshops at major conferences such as Satellite 2023 and I-MEC 2022.

Today, Dasha is also an instructor at University of Virginia School of Engineering, where she is pioneering a class on professional development, career design, and project management in collaboration with Prof. David Chen.

Dasha Tyshlek Chief Strategy Planning Officer _ StratCraft Partners in Growth

Woody Scott, Program Manager - CUBIC Mission & Performance Solutions - GATR

In the 3 years that I have worked with Dasha Tyshlek, I have been consistently impressed with her drive, passion, intelligence and ability to bring out the best in others. Dasha is a force mulitplyer and will increase the value and productivity of any operation in which she participates. Dasha is Incredible!


Tony Felice, CEO of Felice Agency

She plays an important role in understanding how to move a company from where it "is" to where it is "going" managing multiple projects at once. As a self-directed leader, she helped organize and move several brands forward under the Micro-Ant group of companies. As the new leader at Strat-Craft she is an excellent choice to bring in for strategic planning, measurement and growth. We will be working with her team with our own clients at the Felice Agency.

"The uncertainty inherent in the business environment makes it imperative that for any organization to succeed it must not only plan but vigorously implement and monitor such plans." (IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, 2012)


How much time is required to complete the course?

Each week there is a 45 minute live session class at a scheduled time. There is also a weekly homework assignments that help you construct your team plan that takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to complete. The whole class includes about 10 hours of work spread over 6 weeks.

Are there discounts for companies with multiple students?

If 3 or more people in your company are planning to take a strategy or planning course together - please reach out  to get a special rate.

When is the course being taught?

The live course is taught on Thursdays at 3:00pm. Two of the sessions are one-on-ones that are scheduled separately at a time that works for the student and the instructor. There are assignments in between the courses.

What if something comes up and I can't finish the course?

This is a small-group, live course that includes in-depth review of work by the instructor and two 1:1 coaching sessions. As a result, we ask that everyone who signs up for the course takes it seriously and expects to finish it once started. If an emergency does come up, we will work with you directly to develop a solution.

I am not an executive, can I still take the course?

The course is intended for small business executives with at least 5 direct reports and at least one  or more department-level responsibility. If you do not hold an executive title but are also at a department head level in a small, growing company you would also be a good candidate to take the course.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund the course within 7 days of the start date only. If an emergency comes up and you're unable to finish the course, you may take the course again within the year.

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