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Executing Difficult Business Strategies - StratCraft on the Faces of Business Podcast

Jacksonville, Florida (October 25th, 2023) - Dasha Tyshlek, Fractional Chief Strategy Officer at StratCraft, shares insights into executing challenging business strategies for organizational success on the Faces of Business Podcast.

Dasha details that long product development cycles and restrictive regulatory bodies in industries like biotechnology, defense, and space are hurdles for small businesses that want to grow and expand. She offers several methods for manufacturing companies to adopt in order to overcome these challenges and thrive. Dasha and host, Damon Pistulka, discuss strategies that address how companies can implement better business strategy and execution methodology in their companies.

"Different times bring different conditions and if you are not watching what is going on in the world, then you might miss opportunities that come around."

Expert Tips on Growing in Complex Industries from Dasha and Damon included:

  • Scanning the market and your industry for important trends and opportunities

  • Start by doing smaller, high-priority assignments before taking on multi-year projects.

  • Collect quarterly productivity metrics from all departments in your company to assess inefficiencies and defects in your business operations.

  • Take on transformative projects that require more resources than operational projects but force your company to grow.

Additionally, Damon and Dasha dive into one particular trend impacting businesses and business owners that is industry-agnostic. This is the wealth transfer that the baby boomer generation is passing on right now and which is impacting the opportunity to buy and sell private businesses.

Dasha urges manufactures to not adapt a "gloom and doom" mindset despite the obstacles in the manufacturing industry. Instead, make the most out of your situations and always seek opportunities to grow.

Watch the full episode:

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